Life has been hectic and weird. Things falling into place, clarity — that strange sense of euphoria and this is a good place to belong is nevertheless still strange and unsettling. Regardless, I’m blessed in a myriad way that my life has been charmed enough — wood surface kissed by nervous fingertips, of course — to lead me to new ventures, new challenges.

Meanwhile, despite the frenetic raindump we’ve been having, everybody still managed a good show at this year’s Westfest. Blockparty style affairs are my kryptonite, and this city is especially warm and easy going. It also probably helps that the location of Westboro is koala-ty post-consumer free trade shade grown community. Raw food and organic taco food trucks? Don’t mind if I do.

Instagram’d on the run; this lady had a busy afternoon of eating and more eating.

Instagram: ohmusetta

1. Taco glam. Also: that iced tea was freakin’ winner.

2. Fresh, handmade Turkish deliciousness.

3. Awesone ladies making awesome Turkish food.

Asymmetric Blazer  ◊  Comme des garcons x H&M
Tank  ◊  Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto
Long Vest  ◊  DKNY
Chiffon Skirt  ◊  Forever 21
Black Galaxy Leggings  ◊  Black Milk Clothing
Boots  ◊

Hussein Chalayan, the book. Finally arrived via post. Will be excited to share my immense feelings, re: most fave designer + still unable to handle all his amazing intellectual approach to fashion. In the meantime, soothe what ails ye with a mesmerising LED dress demo (Fall 2007, M. Waldemeyer) and some frantic layering (Spring 2012, THIS GUY) that happened so I could headbutt this chilly spring in the face.

Black Ribs Swim Top  ◊  Black Milk Clothing
Chiffon Insert Vest  ◊  Zara
Skinny Jeans  ◊  Zara
Studded Belt  ◊  Forever 21
Boots  ◊  Trippen

Spring cleaning. Full outfit.

Tossed out the old; went shopping for new. This vest is a serious delight, as I make increasingly ridiculous grabby hands toward judicious applications of chiffon — I’ve always preferred thick, textured fabrics. But it’s a welcome addition of light summer blacks to pad out my heavier spring blacks. Chiffon vs Suiting Wool — HEAVEN OR HELL, LET’S ROCK!! My closet lives a very exciting life.

(… of black)

Rock the weekend, my fellow skeletors.

Nothing says EATING ALL THE THINGS!! like asian moms getting into the holiday spirit. Can’t figure out what’s seasonally appropriate? Just do it all. The food did not end. We struggled for hours. The slow inexhaustible crawl toward tea and cakes and leftover ham sandwiches for dayyyyyys. Hashtag: my meat is too big.

Annual egg hunt tradition: it is totally acceptable to punch a sister to steal her chocolate. It’s how my mother weeds out the weak.

Black Ribs Swim Top  ◊  Black Milk Clothing
Cuff Shorts  ◊  Vanessa Bruno
Studded Belt  ◊  Forever 21
Finishings  ◊  Chanel, nails — Foxwise Studio, bracelet — Alice and the Pirates, ring

Next time: get a tripod, guuuuuurl.

Sunday, a day of rest. Also: slumming it, aw yiss.

Welcome to my protracted battle with pants. I think I can chalk it up to a loss. But on a grey and gloomy day out hunting for old world maps, it seems only fitting that legs be wrapped up in grey and gloomy tubes.  Chilly.

“Did you know that the man who discovered Uranus originally wanted to have it named after his patron, King George III?

(Planet George.) So close. So close.

Tank  ◊  DIY
Grey Jeans  ◊  Jil Sander
Silver Bracelet  ◊  Foxwise Studio
Stud Sandals  ◊  Mea Shadow